Death by Medicine

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Today, we see similar trends happening when pharmaceutical company lobbyists strive to influence the laws and policies congress pass concerning health care in order to benefit the owners of such companies while harming people.

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In week three, we learned about many better alternative medical practice or other non medical practices such as religious and spiritual forms of healing are discourages or suppressed because biomedicine is observed to be superior and better. This movie provides the same information like lecture three in response to the dominance of aliphatic biomedicine. Biomedicine or aliphatic medicine is favored in the US partly because pharmaceutical companies pump so much money in the US health system to influence policy makers, doctors and even researchers to support the consumption of medical drugs as the best way to attain better health.

The concept of explanatory model is also discussed in details in the movie. Again, the movie proves that the pharmaceutical companies play major roles in forcing doctors to strictly abide by the rules of biomedicine instead of listening and encouraging patients to seek more natural ways of treatments. An example that is provided in the movie is how pharmaceutical drug representatives are employed to visit hospitals and tell doctors how to prescribe their medical drugs.


Most of the time, most if not all these drug representatives are not medically trained to give doctors directions on drug dosage prescriptions as recommended by the pharmaceutical companies. This is possible because lots of hospitals receive major findings from pharmaceutical companies and in order to not risk loosing such funds, hospitals are asked to restrict doctors from giving any prescriptions other than those provided for by the pharmaceutical companies.

If a doctor refuses to abide, most of their salary is greatly affected and they also risk loosing most of their hospital rights. This is a possible explanation to why doctors most of the time fails to listen to their patients. In one of our weekly lectures, we learn that listening to patients and incorporating their explanatory models leads to better diagnoses, prescriptions and health in general.

However, it was also mentioned that even though many doctors know and are aware of the significance of listening to patients, they still fail to consider the patients views when diagnosing them. It now makes sense that most of the doctors are forced to do such by greedy companies that are only after self-interest. In week five, we learned about structural violence, which is defined as social engagements that put individual populations at harm. This movie does a great job at providing examples of how pharmaceutical companies use medical drug research test on targeted minority groups so as to see how effective or lethal their drugs turn out to be.

Most of the time, many companies know that there are harmful sight effects with such drugs, but they still release to the markets in minority areas in order to make money or purposely harm people. They normally inject people with poison in the forms of therapies, misinform people and influence physicians through structural violence that ultimately lead to the deaths of many people. For practitioners of public health, the social determinants of disease are even harder to disregard.

Death by Medicine

This movie is important for this class because it helps explain why aliphatic biomedicine is favored over other forms of medical or non-medical healing even though the others are equally if not more effective. It also helps to explain some of the reasons why doctors fail to take patient explanatory models seriously and finally it gives examples of instances when structural violence is used in the US healthcare system. All these are topics we learned in different weeks and it will be good to have students see a movie that brings all the concepts together as they relate to pharmaceutical companies and their effects on US health care.

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Bad Medicine, Part 3: Death by Diagnosis (Ep. 270)

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Based on Gary Nulls groundbreaking book with statistical evidence of Share this Rating Title: Death by Medicine 6. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Photos Add Image. Edit Storyline The film explores the dominant medical paradigm, the current health crisis, and a healthier, more holistic system.

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