Peptide Growth Factors Part A

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Insulin is found in many animals, and is involved in the regulation of normal glucose homeostasis.

FGF1 peptide | Fibroblast Growth Factor, Acidic Peptide-NP_

It also has other specific physiological effects, such as increasing the permeability of cells to monosaccharides, amino acids and fatty acids, and accelerating glycolysis and glycogen synthesis in the liver [ PMID: ]. Insulin exerts its effects by interaction with a cell-surface receptor, which may also result in the promotion of cell growth [ PMID: ]. Insulin is synthesised as a prepropeptide from which an endoplasmic reticulum-targeting sequence is cleaved to yield proinsulin. The sequence of prosinsulin contains 2 well-conserved regions designated A and B , separated by an intervening connecting region C , which is variable between species [ PMID: ].

The connecting region is cleaved, liberating the active protein, which contains the A and B chains, held together by 2 disulphide bonds [ PMID: ]. While the N-terminal IPR , IGF binding protein domain , and the C-terminal IPR , thyroglobulin type-1 repeat domains are conserved across vertebrate species, the mid-region is highly variable with respect to protease cleavage sites and phosphorylation and glycosylation sites.

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IGFBPs are unusually pleiotropic molecules. Finally, IGFBPs transported into the nucleus via the nuclear localisation signal may also exert IGF-independent effects by transcriptional activation of genes.

By sequence By domain architecture. Proteins matched Domain architectures 4.

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TGF Beta signaling pathway

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Growth Factors Related Peptides

Imprint: Academic Press. Dysregulated expression of growth factors and their receptors in the development of prostate cancer. Daniel Djakiew. EGF receptor signaling in prostate morphogenesis and tumorigenesis. Hyunki Kim , Jareer N. Elevated levels of circulating interleuitin-6 and transforming growth factor-pl in patients with metastatic prostatic carcinoma.


Growth factors in expressed prostatic fluid from men with prostate cancer, BPH, and clinically normal prostates. Peter H. Gann , Karin G.

Peptide growth factors are multifunctional

Neutralizing anti-vascular endothelial growth factor antibody inhibits further growth of established prostate cancer and metastases in a pre-clinical model. Melnyk , Melissa Zimmerman , K. Jin Kim , Mark Shuman.